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Ultimate Word Search iOs Cheat Code List

Upgrade To Full Version cheat code: 7e5a1ca0db2d
Regular price: $1.99

Ultimate Word Search Android Cheat Code List

Upgrade To Full Version cheat code: DRD45482E4FA
Regular price: $1.99

About Ultimate Word Search by Adalgisa Raniolo

The original Ultimate Word Search with infinite puzzle unique every time you play.

We thank users for their supports and reviews:

***** - The absolute best word search puzzle there is! (USA)

***** - I just love this app it is excellent!!! pay the little bit extra for the full version you will not be disappointed (Australia)

***** - "Great fun. Awesome time killer!!!!" (USA)

***** - "Awesome game love it!!!! My favorite word game." (USA)

***** - "Best game ever, so amusing" (Australia)

***** - "I have played a lot of word search games but this is my fav, very challenging." (Canada)

***** - "Excellent app and beautifully easy to see having lovely large print." (UK)

Ultimate Word Search is the classical word search game with no limits.

No categories, just infinite unique puzzles generated each time you play with words from English Dictionary.

With neat clean interface and intuitive gameplay you just won't stop playing.

Six levels of enterntainment:

1 - Find 9 words in a 8x8 board in 2.30 minutes or less

2 - Find 12 word in a 8x8 board in 3 minutes or less

3 - Find 12 words in a 10x10 board in 3 minutes or less

4 - Find 15 words in a 10x10 board in 4 minutes or less

5 - Find 16 words in a 12x12 board in 4 minutes or less

6 - Find 20 words in a 12x12 board in 5 minutes or less

Levels 1 to 3 are free and levels 4 to 6 are available as in app purchase.

Score system works as follows:

- each word find give points equivalent to its length (the word 'ultimate' for instance, will give you 8 points)

- the time left when you complete the puzzle will count as bonus score as 1 point for each second left.

Each Level has its own Gamecenter leaderboard so you can challenge other player and follow your progress.

You like word search but you're not the fastest player? Don't worry! UNLIMITED WORD SEARCH is just right for you too.

You can DISABLE the timer and enjoy the game without the stress.

Check your progress on the TOTAL POINTS leaderboard which takes all the points from all the matches, so your consistency will be rewarded!

So prepared for the challenge?

Remember! Word Search game is free and unlimited! Give it a try!

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