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The You Testament iOs (iPhone) Hacks

God Mode cheat code: 2c917f2237cc
Save your changes to all characters | Regular price: $2.99

The You Testament Android Cheats

God Mode cheat code: DRDE295326F4
Save your changes to all characters | Regular price: $2.99

About The You Testament by MDickie Limited

This interactive interpretation of the Gospels puts YOU on the scene of over 50 Bible stories, where you can either repeat history or rewrite it! Follow in the footsteps of a prophet across 30 historical locations as he seeks to enlighten the masses, and find your place among 200 other characters - each with their own values and allegiances. Be the devil that tempts him or the disciple that betrays him, as you walk the thin line between the dark and the light. Unlock the mysteries of creation and use up to 24 different powers for good or evil, in an action-packed world where the struggle to survive tests your faith.

This special project is entirely free to play from beginning to end, whereupon you can even earn the chance to start again with a character of your own creation at any point in the story. If you'd like to fast-track to this status, and save your changes to all other characters, you can upgrade for a small fee to make the game your own.


You can see an in-game guide at any time by tapping the health meter to pause, but the basic controls are as follows:

D-Pad = Double-tap to run

A = Attack

G = Grapple (any button with or without a direction to execute a throw or hold)

P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to throw)

U = Use object

P + U = Combine objects

Eye = Sleep (Hold to meditate)

Meter = Pause / Exit

Book = Bible reference

Look out for other hints in the game itself from scrolls or other characters!

Please consult the "Options" menu to adapt the game to your taste, and improve performance by setting the appropriate "Population" for your device.

Although every effort has been made to follow the spirit of the law, please note that a game cannot follow the letter of the law. Any compromises have been deliberately made for your enjoyment.

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