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Unique Picture Puzzles

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Puzzle Fuzzle iOs (iPhone) Cheats

No Ads cheat code: a5924981f6bf
Puzzle Fuzzle no ads | Regular price: $2.99

Puzzle Fuzzle Android Cheat Codes

No Ads cheat code: DRD4F08A6246
Puzzle Fuzzle no ads | Regular price: $2.99

About Puzzle Fuzzle by Lion Studios

Sometimes it’s as easy as one and one makes two.

Unlock your inner MacGuyver and your inner Picasso and even your inner engineer as you solve puzzles by disassembling pictures and using the pieces to create a brand new object. Dr Frankenstein is the master of piecing together random parts, but you can do it without all the extra time spent getting a fancy degree. Start creating your mixed-up masterpieces right away!

There are hidden components in each image, your imagination is all you need to combine the correct shapes in the proper way.

Use a suitcase and a mitten to build a toaster.

Find a wine glass in a plunger and a candle.

Your brain is your best tool to see the pieces tucked into each object as you tear apart two distinct images and use the correct parts to make beautiful new pictures.

Featuring 100+ levels of combination challenges

No time limits, no rush, this is a relaxing journey of pictures

Whimsical images to delight your imagination

If you think you are stuck, don’t worry; the handy hot and cold meter will show you when you are on the right track or when your picture is getting less and less perfect.

It turns out, sometimes one and one actually makes a shoe!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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